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Imprisoned By Thoughts by PS Malik

Are you tamed by your thoughts? You rule your thoughts or your thoughts rule you? Are you a small pet of your thoughts?

PS Malik has raised questions and shown a horizon different from the one usually resorted to by people.

Imprisoned By Thoughts

Pratap S. Malik

Sit and try to regulate the flow of your thoughts. Just try to channelize them. Try to focus your thoughts, say, on your spouse. Soon you find that you have thoughts about everything but of your spouse. Your thoughts slip away from your spouse. Again try to keep your thoughts away a particular object, say, your dog. Soon you realize that the thoughts are again encircle your dog. You try your thoughts to take away from your dog but they come again and again around and about the dog. Thoughts are like untamed beasts. They are not in your control rather you are very much in their control. Therefore your statement that your thoughts are yours is not true. However it may be true to say that you are of your thoughts.

You have unveiled your thoughts to some extent (sufficient for the purpose of this article). Your thoughts originate from perceptible objects, they oust you of you; they fill inside you the garbage of dead past and unborn future; your thoughts do not belong to you and they are not of you (don’t confuse by “of you” for “about you”); your thoughts are like un-tethered horses without any of your control over them. All your thoughts are random, flowing and turbulent.

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Imprisoned By Thoughts

PS Malik


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PS Malik gives you a Fitness Mantra

12 ways to up your fitness levels!

Aarti Jhurani

First of all, ditch the following words/phrases from your vocab instantly: Laziness, lack of time, no motivation, exhaustion. Done? Pat on the back. Now, pay close attention: Small, easy, simple and absolutely doable things — taken from your daily routine — can help you stay healthy and fit. You don’t have to necessarily pump iron for hours, sweat buckets or contort your body and torture it, in an effort to cut the flab.

In fact, a few years ago, a study published in a popular science journal discovered that short bursts of physical activity that add up to nothing more than a few minutes a day could be just as effective in keeping one’s health as a planned daily workout at the gym. Which means, simple things like just cleaning up your room — go on, pick up the towel from the floor—or putting things back where they belong — erm, that coffee cup has no job hanging out beneath your dresser — can make you fitter. So now, don’t make any excuses and just move that body to get into killer form!

Hobbies that make you groove!

Of course you’ll say you love ‘listening to music’. So exactly which expert has recommended that you must just lounge on your bed and listen to the latest hit? Hop around the room, do your own li’l jig, dance like no one’s watching and see those calories melt off you.

Gifting yourself a healthy hobby—one that keeps you on your toes for at least 20 minutes a day—could be your first step on the path to good health. Suggests Leena Mogre, Director, Leena Mogre’s Fitness, “Take your (or the neighbour’s) dog for a walk for about half an hour.” Alternately, you could try to pretty up your pad and burn some inches. “Household chores help too—anything that involves you constantly bending is a good workout! In fact, gardening for about half an hour easily burns 500 calories,” explains Nisha Verma, master trainer, Reebok.

Sleep your way through it

Sleep can be described as your body’s “me-time”, a time when it repairs the wear-and-tear it suffers through the day. Says Verma, “It is very important to stick to your biorhythm — which means you should work through the day, but sleep early in the night. Keep your partying plans for the weekends.” And get this, according to webmd.com, “Substantial medical evidence suggests fascinating links between sleep and weight.” In an article on the website, researchers have said that two hormones — Ghrelin, which stimulates appetite and Leptin, that sends a signal to your brain when you are full — influence our appetite, and the production of both these hormones could be influenced by how much or how little we sleep. So if you sleep the recommended 7-8 hours a day, you could naturally shed some weight!

Breathe in, breathe out… A few minutes of peace everyday…

Meditation is not something that only ascetics indulge in! It is simply a technique to watch and control your breath that works wonders for your health.

“Studies have proved that just 18 minutes of meditation in the morning and evening calms you down, reduces stress, and normalises your blood pressure. Even if you can’t do it twice a day, try doing it once daily and see the difference,” adds Verma. Additionally, because of the calming and de-stressing benefits of meditation, you are less likely to reach out for that bag of chips the moment something slightly stressful occurs. It is also well-known that meditation increases selfawareness, so the chances of you succumbing to emotional eating/bingeing are less likely.

Multi-tasking to good health

You do it at work, now try it for your health! “Even though it is important to warm up before you exercise, there are small things you can do within the framework of your daily routine. For instance, you can balance on one leg while you are brushing your teeth, or you could take bigger steps while you are walking or climbing up stairs “, says Verma. On the other hand, Mogre adds, “It is very important to get a fitness assessment done. It is also highly advisable to not try any exercises by yourself; you won’t know how you are harming yourself!”

Walk when you talk! Smart workout!

A popular Indian mobile carrier is urging people to walk when they talk on their cell phone—an effective workout for those strapped for time. Alternatives include parking one’s car far from where one is headed, and walking the rest of the way, or practicing the 3-Floor Rule, which holds that if your destination is three floors or less, you take the stairs.

Another tip we know you will love — go to the mall thrice a week — the biggest you can find and walk around. Heck, you can even gift yourself a little something every time you see a (downward) shift in your weight! “It would be great if one can wake 20 minutes before the regular time and include some form of exercise into the daily routine,” adds Verma.

A shot of vegetable juice a day…

You don’t even have to wait till evening for this one! It reduces your chance of getting diabetes, helps you lose weight, flushes all toxins from your body, gives you clearer skin, and takes care of a part of your mineral, vitamin and veggie intake for a day! Do you even need more reasons to get your daily fix of this magic potion? “You can have beetroot, carrot, mint, pumpkin, coriander, tomato, cucumber, carrot and apple juices. Shots of neem and tulsi work well too,” advises Mogre.

Have healthier between-meals snacks

Ditch the three meal syndrome. A lot of PYTs we have interviewed have claimed they do not eat between meals to maintain their svelte bodies. However, according to Verma, “As long as you are eating right, there is nothing wrong with eating between meals! A few suggestions—brown bread sandwiches, a glass of lassi or cold milk, fruits, roasted channas, raw veggies with chaat masala — it depends on you how to make it interesting,” advises Verma. And it makes a lot more sense to have small in-between meals that are healthy and low-fat than to stuff yourself with a huge hearty lunch/dinner full of carbs.

Pick your drinks carefully (Alcohol included!)

Ditch that soda to begin with — even if it is diet! It may have no calories, but it has a whole lot of other stuff that is doing more harm than good for your body! “Healthier options include fresh lime with salt, orange juice, green tea, and even hot lemon water with a little honey,” recommends Verma. Even if you are out drinking, make sure the drink you pick is low on calories. For instance, have your vodka with water and lime juice, instead of the usual calorie-infested soda!

Get friendly with your veggies

Green is the new black! Before your lunch or dinner, make sure you eat a big salad! “Not only does it check the number of calories you consume during the meal, it helps avoid hunger pangs, and keeps you from binge eating,” advises Verma. So what kind of salad can one have? “The more colourful your salad, the better it is— green (leafy vegetables, cucumber, capsicum), red (tomatoes), pink (onions), white (egg whites), yellow (bell peppers)—more colour equals more nutrient value. You can add lemon juice or other masalas for taste. But stay away from creamy seasonings,” adds Mogre.

Invest seven minutes……dig into a wholesome breakfast!

How many of us grab breakfast while we are running out of the house? Or even worse, just ignore that most important meal of the day? Chances are a lot of us are guilty of having done that pretty often! However it’s is one of the worst things you can do for your body. “It is important to spend at least seven minutes a day on eating breakfast. Eating a proper breakfast is what kicks off your metabolism first thing in the morning, and it is extremely important to have that meal within an hour of waking up”, instructs Mogre. “Are we saying we don’t have 7 minutes in a day of 24 hours to have a meal?”

If you skip breakfast, 80% of what you eat for lunch will be stored by your body as fat!

Plan your meals… Dig into food that keeps you full for longer!

No, there’s no point in eating a plateful of something that will register its presence in your system for precisely 30 minutes, and then you’ll be rummaging through the food cupboard to look for grub! For your main meal, pick foods that help you feel full for longer. “Choose from various salads, yoghurt, eggs, channa, daliya, oats, rajma, mixed vegetables, and anything which is high on fibre content,” suggests Nisha.

Source: http://cosmo.intoday.in/cosmopolitan/story.jsp?sid=7487& page=0


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Pratap S. Malik






You eat healthily, work out at least three times a week, keep your weight on track and hardly drink a thing – in fact you can’t get much healthier than you. Or so you’d like to think.


Most of us tell ourselves a few little health fibs every now and again, but convince yourself that regular takeaways constitutes a healthy diet and you could be doing all sorts of damage to your health. Here, we uncover some of the most common untruths.

1. I’m fit – I walk everywhere

Swapping the car, tube or bus for the power of your own feet is clearly a step up in the fitness stakes but when it comes to fitness, there’s walking and there’s walking. ‘You need to find your optimum walking pace,’ says diet and movement specialist Joanna Hall.


‘Start walking and gradually pick up speed until you feel yourself involuntarily breaking into a jog. From here drop back slightly – you should feel like you’re walking with purpose and much faster than you usually would, you’ll be slightly out of breath but should still be able to hold a conversation.’

2. I’m not fat. I’m just big boned

As Britain gets fatter it’s not hard to kid yourself that being overweight is normal. A survey by Slimming World found only seven per cent of people believe they are obese – yet 27 per cent of the population has a BMI of more than 30, which puts them in the obese category.


Being overweight significantly raises your risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and various cancers – so being honest about it is crucial. Get a reality check by calculating your BMI for free at http://www.slimmingworld.com

3. A few cigarettes when I’m out won’t hurt

Social smoking isn’t dangerous – so say social smokers, but according to Brian Jones of QUIT, there’s no safe level of smoking. ‘Even if you only smoke occasionally you are still subjecting your body to potential health risks through the harmful chemicals in cigarettes,’ he says.


If you smoke just one to four cigarettes a day you have a significantly greater risk of dying from lung cancer or heart disease than non-smokers. Get help with giving up now by calling the Quitline on 0800 00 22 00.

4. I don’t need to worry about cancer because it doesn’t run in my family

While it’s true cancers such as breast and testicular can be hereditary, not having a family history of cancer doesn’t mean you’re automatically safe.


‘Less than ten per cent of the 46,000 cases of breast cancer that are diagnosed in Britain each year are due to hereditary causes,’ says Jackie Harris, clinical nurse specialist at Breast Cancer Care.

‘So it’s vital you check your breasts regularly and report any changes quickly to your GP.’ Men should regularly check for symptoms of breast, testicular and prostate cancer too.


Testicular and prostate cancers affect 36,000 men in this country each year and 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year too. Find out more at http://www.everyman.org.

5. I’m not a binge drinker

You might not wake up in a gutter every Saturday morning but if you’re male and drink more than eight units (four pints of standard-strength beer) in a night or female and knock back six units (three small glasses of wine) in a sitting then you are a binge drinker according to Dr Rachel Seabrook, research manager for the Institute of Alcohol Studies.


‘Drinking too much alcohol increases your risk of a wide range of diseases,’ she warns, ‘including liver disease, several cancers, high blood pressure and, of course, addiction. Bingeing also brings additional risks such as injuries from accidents or violence.’

Keep a check on your drinking by totting up how many units you’re getting through in a week.







Help Others by PS Malik

Help Others by PS Malik


“Do all the good you can, and make as little fuss about it as possible.”


Value yourself


SELF-ESTEEM is how much you value yourself and how important you think you are. It’s how you see yourself and feel about your achievements. It isn’t bragging about how great you are. It’s more like quietly knowing that you’re worth a lot (priceless, in fact!). It’s not about thinking you’re perfect – because nobody is – but knowing that you’re worthy of being loved and accepted.

You did badly in the Math’s test and now that the marks have been read out, you are distinctly uncomfortable. Should you go home? Dad is going to throw a fit, especially because he spent so much time trying to explain the concepts to you.

`What is wrong with me?’

` Why is it that everyone else seems to score so well?’

`Am I dumb?’

`There must be something… ‘

If questions like these are worrying you right now, stop! If you do not come out of this loop, you might do yourself serious harm. If allowed to linger, such questions add to the miserable sense of low self-esteem and can cause irreparable harm. Self-flagellation or kicking yourself for the failure is okay only to a limited extent. Anything beyond a couple of hours would need to be looked into.

After all what is this `self-esteem’ we keep harping on?

Self-esteem is how you value yourself and how you feel about your achievements. It is not about bragging how great you are, but actually quietly being sure of yourself and your own value. You experience low self- esteem when your value plunges in your own eyes—in fact, you start feeling sorry for yourself and all that you are. Though an abstract feeling, low self- esteem can affect every part of your being.

Talk about it

If you are feeling low, seek out a good friend or a counsellor or someone whose judgement you can trust. Unburden yourself to a sympathetic listener. If you have no such person, as a last resort, you could talk to the many help lines that have been started to help the depressive.

“Depressive”? Did I say?

Yes, that is what happens if you cannot come out of this kind of a feeling. You begin to lose sleep, appetite and a general sense of apathy engulfs you. Because, poor self-esteem grows to such an extent that you begin to believe that there is actually something wrong with you.

Get a change of scene

A friend can help you get out of it by talking and discussing your problem. Maybe you need to go out for a drive, a change of scene; maybe you should go and see a movie with friends. Avoid being alone in your misery.

Seek help

The macho male ego does not allow you to seek help. Because you are considered a `sissy’ if you ask for help. Women manage to seek help much quicker than men do. By the same parameters, they are quicker to give help also. So, seek out a woman friend, she will probably understand you better.

If you find that you are still not able to get out of it, then seek some professional help. Don’t ignore it!

What can happen?

Just like good self-esteem props you up and sees you through difficult times, poor self-esteem can bog you down in a quagmire of depression.

Help yourself

Finally, more than anyone else, you need to help yourself. Here is how:

Accept yourself with all your faults— look at the mirror and say `I love me, my hair, my colour and (whatever else you dislike about yourself)’

Compliment yourself everyday— find out something nice to do for others. “I helped Mini do her English project; without my help she would not have scored well”. This also means that you go out of your way to help others and thus make yourself a loved person

You may not look great, and your skin may be terrible or your weight over the moon, but there must be something you are good at. Explore your strengths—you might be brilliant at Maths or Accounts. Help others and it will help you boost your own self-esteem

The Existence

The Existence

Knowledge does not correspond to the existence. It analyzes (and synthesizes too) only a limited aspect of existence. Knowledge is a hypothesis and it loses its significance once you enter that stage of existence. After your entry there, knowledge becomes redundant. It is of no value there.

A section of the humanity perceives knowledge as the sole goal of the life. This knowledge is largely information based. They spend years together to convert them into a rack of books, magazines, encyclopedias and news paper clippings. At the end they can claim that they know 23 subjects, 15 articles, 37 books and a few histories. This much aggregate is usually available in a DVD in Sunday markets in Darya Ganj. In a crack DVD it can be had easily for Rs. 50/- per piece. This way a lower level intellectual can be had in Rs. 150/- and a higher one in Rs. 500/-.

This knowledge which these intellectuals borrow is a kind apart from the knowledge (Gyan) which Ǟadi Shankaracharya prescribed for attaining Aɗwait (non-duality). Shankaracharya’s Gyan changes the level of existence of a seeker while this knowledge does not go beyond changing his recapitulative skills.

The existence is all embracing; all encompassing; all inclusive. It enfolds everything – white, black, light, dark, weighty, mass-less, particles, antiparticles, living being, non living entities, berth, death, evolution, extinction and what else not and what not. It does not know contradiction. It does not speak – if life is there, the death cannot be there being contrary to the earlier. It does not find any contradiction in its living and non living aspects. It never prefers or prescribes evolution and denounces destruction. These are aspects of the one and the same extension of the existence.

Those who try to find – knowledge without contradiction, may reconsider their premise. Such knowledge would always correspond to the languages, words, syntaxe, syllogisms and have little to speak about the existence.

Those who seek to explore more on this aspect two articles, inter alia, ”Who am I” and “Mediocre Minds plead Reason, Higher Ones Transcend it ..“. They may also go through another article “Who is the Biggest – Me, My Mind or My God?

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