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Imprisoned By Thoughts by PS Malik

Are you tamed by your thoughts? You rule your thoughts or your thoughts rule you? Are you a small pet of your thoughts?

PS Malik has raised questions and shown a horizon different from the one usually resorted to by people.

Imprisoned By Thoughts

Pratap S. Malik

Sit and try to regulate the flow of your thoughts. Just try to channelize them. Try to focus your thoughts, say, on your spouse. Soon you find that you have thoughts about everything but of your spouse. Your thoughts slip away from your spouse. Again try to keep your thoughts away a particular object, say, your dog. Soon you realize that the thoughts are again encircle your dog. You try your thoughts to take away from your dog but they come again and again around and about the dog. Thoughts are like untamed beasts. They are not in your control rather you are very much in their control. Therefore your statement that your thoughts are yours is not true. However it may be true to say that you are of your thoughts.

You have unveiled your thoughts to some extent (sufficient for the purpose of this article). Your thoughts originate from perceptible objects, they oust you of you; they fill inside you the garbage of dead past and unborn future; your thoughts do not belong to you and they are not of you (don’t confuse by “of you” for “about you”); your thoughts are like un-tethered horses without any of your control over them. All your thoughts are random, flowing and turbulent.

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Imprisoned By Thoughts

PS Malik


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