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Tibet girl 1This behaviour of Selfish people is their biological behaviour. It is an animal behaviour. Those who are at the level of animal existence they would always run to meet their biological demands. It may be food, may be shelter and may be the necessity of other animalistic desires. In the real life also those who are living at their animal level they run for their physical needs. They do not care for others when rushing towards the fulfillment.

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The Existence

The Existence

Knowledge does not correspond to the existence. It analyzes (and synthesizes too) only a limited aspect of existence. Knowledge is a hypothesis and it loses its significance once you enter that stage of existence. After your entry there, knowledge becomes redundant. It is of no value there.

A section of the humanity perceives knowledge as the sole goal of the life. This knowledge is largely information based. They spend years together to convert them into a rack of books, magazines, encyclopedias and news paper clippings. At the end they can claim that they know 23 subjects, 15 articles, 37 books and a few histories. This much aggregate is usually available in a DVD in Sunday markets in Darya Ganj. In a crack DVD it can be had easily for Rs. 50/- per piece. This way a lower level intellectual can be had in Rs. 150/- and a higher one in Rs. 500/-.

This knowledge which these intellectuals borrow is a kind apart from the knowledge (Gyan) which Ǟadi Shankaracharya prescribed for attaining Aɗwait (non-duality). Shankaracharya’s Gyan changes the level of existence of a seeker while this knowledge does not go beyond changing his recapitulative skills.

The existence is all embracing; all encompassing; all inclusive. It enfolds everything – white, black, light, dark, weighty, mass-less, particles, antiparticles, living being, non living entities, berth, death, evolution, extinction and what else not and what not. It does not know contradiction. It does not speak – if life is there, the death cannot be there being contrary to the earlier. It does not find any contradiction in its living and non living aspects. It never prefers or prescribes evolution and denounces destruction. These are aspects of the one and the same extension of the existence.

Those who try to find – knowledge without contradiction, may reconsider their premise. Such knowledge would always correspond to the languages, words, syntaxe, syllogisms and have little to speak about the existence.

Those who seek to explore more on this aspect two articles, inter alia, ”Who am I” and “Mediocre Minds plead Reason, Higher Ones Transcend it ..“. They may also go through another article “Who is the Biggest – Me, My Mind or My God?

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