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A Research on Domestic Violence

A Research in Domestic Violence Act

That long awaited opportunity is now available. The Domestic Violence Act has come to the public for its authentication. Those who feel a change in the law have got an occasion to cast their vote either in favor or against this law.

The only rider is that you have to make reason for your answers. A student of Delhi University who is also attached to the District Courts has taken up the issue and is collecting the data from different people associated with the action of the Domestic Violence Act.

The boys, the girls and the experts are being provided with a questionnaire each, certainly with individual questions to be answered. These answers are supposed to guide the way for a first ever authenticated set of data of the persons concerned.

I copy of this research will be submitted to the Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha and the Hon’ble chief Justice of India as well as the Hon’ble chief Justices of various High Courts including the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

The researcher can be contacted through this forum or directly via his Email – mepsmalik @ gmail.com (please condense it before use). He can also be visited at his HOMEPAGE.



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