Under Guidance of PS Malik

AAP Govt. – Be Comfortable With the Change

AAP Govt

AAP is likely to form its government soon, within a day or two. The emergence of AAP has been quite sudden and unexpected. Those who are accustomed to the traditional mode of politics may feel a bit uncomfortable for the language the champions of AAP are using and modus they are adopting. On a number of issues they have adopted the methodological approach – if you are not with us then you are against us; the one which was adopted by America before its War on Terror in Afghanistan. It baffles the conventional intelligentsia in Indian politics.

But every new beginning of foundations is possible only when the existing structures are removed. AAP claims to remove the remnants of the erstwhile politics. It claims not to improve the politics but to end the rotten ways of existing politics and start a new politics – lucid and transparent in its working.

Public is mostly divided in two groups – the one which cast votes and the other those who after casting votes discuss the implications also. This second group is now apprehensive regarding the performance of AAP Govt. The main promise regarding the reduction in power tariffs appears to be stuck in the clutches of power supply companies. If these companies do not agree to supply power at a rate forced by AAP Govt. and in case of highhandedness by the AAP, then would the people of Delhi be going to face a threatened black out in near future. The answer is not so simple. It may be anything ranging from the confidence and trickiness of Kejriwal – the headman to disastrous frustration of the public’s dream of a new era politics.

The second issue is providing a minimum quantity of water to each family. So far no data has been presented, neither by the proposed or previous Govt.s, showing the precise number of the families which are in demand of water. Secondly, the water in Delhi is not locally available. It has to be taken from the adjoining states. Then it has to be purified. Then it has to be distributed. Delhi Jal Board does not have resources enough even to reach the entire public in Delhi. In these circumstances how the goals are to be achieved will be awaited by all the concerned ones.

Same appears to be the fate of Jan Lokpal Bill. It cannot be passed by the Delhi legislative assembly simpliciter. The Sansad is to be taken into confidence. There are rules in that regard. Until these rules are changed and the equations between the Delhi Govt. and the Central Govt. are modified AAP Govt. would not be able to perform in accordance to their promises.

But one thing is sure. The working of the AAP in government is not going to be less interesting then the hymns chanted by them during their risings. The future is certainly going to be interesting.




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