Under Guidance of PS Malik


 What a person says is important, but homoeopathically or otherwise, how a person says a particular thing is more important. People tend to add their inner essence to anything that they say or do. This then becomes the passage to the inner self. Some tend to express anything and everything with the drabness of a weather forecast. And some express arrival of tea with an enthusiasm of a child. Some rubrics that define this enthusiasm are……..
— is doing something with lot of emotion. Enthusiasm that comes from lot of emotion is passion.
— Expression that is characterized by warmth of a feeling. You express something that you believe in with warmth and tenderness. There is a kind of “gentleness, and softness” attached to ardent. Devotion to anything could be ardent. While ardent is ‘warm’, it is ‘heat’ of passion.
—it is a synonym of ardent with a pinch of enthusiasm added to it. If you pray for something then it is a fervent prayer.
—is enthusiastic. A zealous person radiates enthusiasm in anything and everything that the person does or says.
—it is a wildly passionate belief, wherein one is not amenable to reason. It could be irrational passion for anything.
 When we search for the rubric passionate in the repertory, it comes with a synonym in brackets and that is “choleric”. That gives us a chance to also understand ‘choleric’ temperament here. Old medical school defines 4 types of ‘temperaments’ based on the concept of ‘humorism’ and they are, ‘sanguine’, ‘choleric’, ‘melancholic’, and ‘phlegmatic’. More about temperaments some time later, this time only about ‘choleric’.
‘Choleric’ temperaments are fundamentally ambitious and leader-like. They instill enthusiasm and energy in others. They are usually task oriented and focus on getting things done.
 The remedies for ardent and fervent are much the same, to mention a few,….CARC, CAUST, LACH, MED, MERC, PLAT, STRAM, ALUM, APIS, AUR-M-N, CHIN, NUX-V, PHOS, STANN, SULPH.
 Passionate also has similar remedies with a few additions like ANAC, KALI-C, PSOR, THUJA etc.
 Fanaticism which is more strong has CAUST and VERAT in bold ANAC, THUJA, CUPR as marked, with many others like sulph, aur-met, bell, con, lach, kali-c, merc, nux-v, puls, rob, sel and valer.


Dr. Swati Marathe

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